This photo from the G7 summit has become viral. 5 camera angles and 7 memes

This photo from the G7 summit has become viral. 5 camera angles and 7 memes

Here is a photo that instantly scattered around the world after the G7 summit. On it, the heads of France, Japan, Italy, Canada and the United Kingdom stand around Trump, and Merkel is obviously doing something to him.

Photographers from different countries have shown this situation in different ways. Here is a photo of Trump’s press service. He says the others are listening.

But Macron’s press office: he is telling something to the rest with an Italian gesture.

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conti stands on the right and studies the document very diligently.

The handsome prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, who angered Trump, calling American duties on steel and aluminum “dishonest”, stands on the right and is also all at work.

And Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe listens very attentively to Trump. European friends persuade him to join the response measures against American duties, and he hesitates, because he tried very hard to establish good relations with Trump, and already at least ten times met him personally, and here it is.

The memes were not long in coming.

Find ten differences.

Shinzo says: “Listen to the boss, lady!”

Eat lunch or no ice cream!

Not mine, but passing it on!

Found on Twitter. I think we may get a lot of use out of this G7 picture.

America last vs America first

That Merkel G7 photo was edited. I found the original RAW.

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