They are not naked! What did the Kardashians look like in the first season of their show
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They are not naked! What did the Kardashians look like in the first season of their show

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Exactly 10 years ago on American television the reality show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” started, which, like its heroes (and for the most part, of course, heroines), was destined to become a cult.

Today we tirelessly discuss the next “naked” outfits Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner, but 10 years ago the TV stars looked very different!

Incredible, but true: 10 years ago, Kim was not wearing transparent dresses and tights without a skirt, but … closed blouses with a bow!

A real shy!

In addition, in those days the most popular representative of the clan Kardashian-Jenner preferred massive ornaments.

Do you recognize Chloe Kardashian? If not, then we perfectly understand – today Chloe looks quite different!

And here is the “head of the family” Kris Jenner, who, on the contrary, did not change at all (unlike her daughters).

That in 2007, that in 2017 Kris is in great shape and can easily afford even more than a provocative outfit. Bravo, Kris!

And again, Khloé. In not the most successful, by the way, the outfit and with the indispensable attribute of zero – “glamorous” ringlets.

Fortunately, today Khloé left experiments with prints and found her own style.

And who is it on the left? Guessed? Yes, it’s Kendall Jenner. In 2007, 11-year-old Ken dressed like an ordinary teenager and had no idea that after a decade she would proudly wear the title of style icon, open fashion weeks and pose for the advertising campaigns of famous brands.

Kris, monochrome and golden accents – Jenner senior always knew how to draw attention to herself.

Experiments with the color scheme of the wardrobe did not ignore Kris.

But still the black and white palette goes to her much more.

Spectacular neckline and ring earrings – do you know the trends of 2007?

A flying dress and a giant bag-bag (what is there, Kim?) – today Kanye West’s wife can not be imagined in this manner.

And again young Kendall – this time with Kylie and in the same striped sundresses.

And this … ta-dam – also Kim! “Office” image among its outputs seems something from the field of science fiction.

But this kind of Kim is more familiar to us – the candid photoshoot star “practiced” 10 years ago.

And this is Rob Kardashian – the brother of famous sisters.

In 2007, Rob was a nice guy, unnoticed in scandals, but 10 years later “compensated” with a vengeance. The only son Kris noticeably gained weight, became a father and with such noise left his fiancé Blac Chyna (which, incidentally, also has a child with rapper Tyga, ex-boyfriend of Sister Rob Kylie Jenner!), Which for several months became the main newsmaker families. “Santa Barbara” is resting!

And here is Kourtney (on the left), along with Kim showing us the trends of the 2000s. Still, it’s good that the fashion of those years behind, do not you agree?

And again modest Kim and Khloé in the image of a “neighbor’s girl”. I wonder how the sisters will appear in the new season, which will start very soon?

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