Photos of cats that live in places where people work

Photos of cats that live in places where people work

Six years ago, Marianna Zampieri had a cat Arthur, from him and began her passion for photography. She has already filmed a photo project about cats in shelters to help them find the owners, and about street “Cats in Venice“. A new series is devoted to cats who live where people work. Sometimes they relax, unceremoniously spread out on the equipment, or help their person to remove stress, allowing themselves to pat.

About cats they say that they prefer solitude, and not communication with a person. Of course, for many this is true, but there are also those who like to be where people spend their working lives, no matter how comfortable their presence is. Photographer Marianna Zampieri filmed footage for the “C-AT WORK” project in the library and hairdresser, in an insurance agency and a clothing store.

“My goal was to try and capture the beauty of the relationship between cats and people, to demonstrate the dignity and incredible adaptability of these animals in any situation … Cats are very unpredictable, and this is the most difficult part of the project. They do not do what you want and when you want. I can not expect anything; I just watch and wait,” she says.

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