Photographer 2 years photographed animals that may soon disappear

Photographer 2 years photographed animals that may soon disappear

The British photographer Tim Flach spent the last two years on trips to the habitats of wild animals that are endangered. His project “Endangered” is a close look at rare species, the existence of which may soon cease.

In the photographs of Tim Flach a wide range of biodiversity from all known species of polar bear, snow leopard, cheetah to exotic animals, which could turn out to be characters of fantastic saiga films, proteus, philippine eagle.

The photographer wanted to remind the public of the problems faced by the animal in order to survive. The number of some of them decreased as a result of the destruction of their habitat. Others disappear because of hunting, poaching and selling on the black market.

Flach has previously stated, for example, in the project “More Than Human” that he seeks to show the connection that exists between people and our savage brethren. Looking into the eyes of animals that are endangered, it is very sad from the thought that they may soon disappear.

Polar Bear

Yellow Eyed Tree Frog Eggs

Yellow-Eyed Tree Frog

Lemur Leaf Frog

Kaiser’s Newt

Olm Salamander

White Bellied Pangolin

Hyacinth Macaw

Military Macaw

Blue Throated Macaw

Egyptian Vulture

Hooded Vulture

Philippine Eagle


Red Crown Crane


African Elephant

Northern White Rhinoceros

Ploughshare Tortoise

Iberian Lynx

Cheetah With Cubs

Snow Leopard


Arabian Oryx

Scimitar Oryx’s

European Honey Bee


Sea Angels

Partula Snails

Giant Panda

Red Panda

Yunan Snub Nosed Monkey

Golden Snub Nosed Monkey

Western Lowland Gorillas

Ring Tailed Lemur

Pied Tamarin

Proboscis Monkey

Scallope Hammerhead Aggregation

Beluga Sturgeon

Siamese Crocodile

Smooth Fronted Cayman

Indian Gharial

Marine Iguana

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