Ice Age at Niagara Falls

Ice Age at Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is attractive for visiting at any time of the year. And this winter, he turned into a place almost fabulous, although extremely cold.

Because of the extremely low temperature this year, many sections of the waterfall froze. Huge, skilfully formed ice formations hung on the rocks. The waterfall became similar to the winter Narnia, and under certain lighting – to the alien landscape.

Niagara Falls for the first time was illuminated on September 14, 1860 in honor of the visit of Edward VII, Prince of Wales. Then 200 Bengal lights were placed along the banks of the Niagara River to illuminate the American waterfall and the Horseshoe Falls. Nowadays, the waterfall is lit every night with the onset of twilight. To do this, use an energy-saving LED installation.

Many visitors share on the web photos of the winter Niagara Falls. Recently there was a photographer from Toronto Adam Klototka.

“What you see in the picture is an observation deck on the Canadian side of the Niagara Falls,” says Adam Kletotka, who took the photo below. – Recently, two weeks of extreme cold have appeared. According to the news, Canada was colder than in Antarctica. I thought that it would be nice for the first time in the winter and for the first time at night to look at Niagara Falls. When I arrived there, I was struck by large icicles around the waterfall. A light show in combination with ice gave the feeling of being on another planet. On a very cold planet.”

Adam Klekotka
Igor Ilyutkin
Kael Rebick
Roland Bast
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