Family archive: pictures of Donald Trump, showing his soft side

Family archive: pictures of Donald Trump, showing his soft side

In a suitcase bought in a commission shop, there were 1000 old photos of the current president of the United States. In these pictures, Donald Trump is nursing with children, changing diapers, spending vacations on skis and celebrating family holidays.

The collector from South Florida accidentally stumbled upon the old pictures of Donald Trump, made long before his inauguration. Most likely, the suitcase with photos was thrown out by his first wife Ivana or her assistant, said the collector, who wished to remain anonymous.

The same suitcase with photos.

Relaxed Donald Trump.

Donald clearly is delighted with his children, here he is with the firstborn Don Jr..

It’s time to take a nap for a family man. Among the memorable things – a children’s album of Don Jr., dated December 1977.

Father is a little sleepy, and the child is cheerful.

It looks like Trump is a born daddy.

When was the last time that Trump was seen outside the family environment in something other than a suit?

For the fulfillment of his father’s duty.

In the hands of the collector were about 1000 photographs of Trump, his family and friends.

Does someone have a birthday? Trump poses with Ivanka, the star of many family photos.

Donald Trump with Ivanka and Don Jr. at the birthday party.

Trump holds the small handle of his son Eric.

Ivana (the first wife) was a model and among the photographs found, she takes a lot of pictures, where she poses.

Donald relaxes in his luxurious Mar-a-Lago mansion in Palm Beach.

Ivana vacationing in Mar-a-Lago.

To the children, Donald Duck looked.

Ivanka cuts the birthday cake.

Ivanka’s drawing for her parents.

Donald Trump with his mother Mary Anne for Christmas. She died in August 2000.

Ivana and Donald with his father Fred Trump.

GI Joe Don Jr., Ivanka and Eric (from right to left).

Ivanka with his younger brother Eric.

Donald and Ivana with a little Ivanka.

Donald and Ivanka.

Dressed up Ivanka poses with her parents at a party.

Among the pictures found, this unsigned children’s picture. It is possible, it depicts himself Donald Trump.

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