Dogs and the whole essence of dogs life

Dogs and the whole essence of dogs life

Alicia Rius is very fond of animals and professionally photographs them. In her latest project “A Dog’s Life” she decided to make not just banal portraits, collages tell dog stories, convey the individuality of dogs with the help of those little things that make up their life and happiness. First you see the dog and its look, but after you look at the objects next to it, you begin to see meaning in this look.


Bear, English Bulldog, 4.5 years old. This strong guy is insane to madness, and when he does not get what he wants, he is very upset and starts to gnaw anything that gets in his eyes. Therefore, most of the objects of the Bear are the gnawed things of its owners. For her stubbornness, quick temper and violent disposition, Alicia nicknamed the bulldog a neurotic.


Magda, Cocker Spaniel Dachschund mix, 13.3 years old. When the old Magda fell ill with a skin disease, the former owners handed her over to the orphanage. Fortunately, the indifferent woman took the old woman to her and surrounded her with love and care. Behind shoulders of this dog are veterinary clinics, long treatment and endless injections. Magda even has her own little respirator.


Lola Rose, Maltese Shih Tzu mix, 1.3 years old. This is a very spoiled dog, who even has a profile in the instagram. At home, they love her and treat her like a princess.


Zig, Afghan Hound, 3 years old. He spends most of his time at dog shows. Often there wins. It embodies the ideal standards of its breed. It’s no wonder that the set of her things includes so many accessories for canine beauty. It’s amazing that there is a mirror there.


Knuckles, Australian Shepherd, 7 years old. This is a very smart and energetic dog, possessed by an irresistible desire to bring something. Knuskles is very fond of catching frisbee and often takes part in dog competitions in this sport.


Marmaduke, Shar Pei Pitbull mix, 7.5 years old. Once he lived on the street, and now he lives in a shelter. Patiently waiting for someone to take him home. The photographer decided to portray him with what he found when digging in trash cans to survive.

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