Blue-eyed dragon: the girl spent more than $ 10 thousand on changes in herself

Blue-eyed dragon: the girl spent more than $ 10 thousand on changes in herself

Australian Amber Luke is fond of upgrading his body from the age of 16. At first it was harmless piercing and small tattoos, but then the girl decided to make more radical changes.

Amber is 23 years old and she looks very impressive. The girl stressed that she was not going to stop there and continue experiments on her body.

“Friends called me the blue-eyed white dragon, because I remind a dragon with such language and eyes,” Amber said.

To date, Amber has filled more than 50 tattoos, and their number continues to increase with each month.

At 16, the girl did not really like herself and considered herself an ordinary-looking teenager.

“I see myself very simple when I look at old photos. I just hate the way I looked before. I was boring, “she said.

The main change for Amber was the coloring of the eyeballs. In order to perform this operation, a dye is injected into the eye with a syringe. This venture was very risky, because the girl could forever go blind. According to her, the procedure took only 40 minutes.

“It was very painful. My eyes were open at the time I was injected with the dye. Then I did not see anything for three weeks, “Amber emphasized.

Another agonizing operation for the girl was the separation of the language. She confessed that after him she could not eat and talk for a week.

Soon, Amber plans to sharpen the two front fangs to look like a vampire. However, the girl said that for her there is a line through which she can not step over. She will never resort to subcutaneous implants, although she had previously thought about making herself a horn. At that moment, she realized that such transformations did not suit her at all.

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