The unpredictable result of nature from people of different nationalities

Alene Cooley 2 months ago

Sometimes the mixing of blood gives an unpredictable result. And comes the belief that nature is much more talented than professional makeup artists and experienced plastic surgeons.

We offer a look at beauties in whose veins blood of different nationalities flows and understand how each of us is unique:

Nigeria + Netherlands

Dilia Martins

Hawaii + Denmark

Vanessa Moe

France + Greece

Elena Kampouris

Portugal + Africa

J├ęssica Pimentel

Australian Aborigines + Anglo-Australians

Sarsha Chisholm

Sweden + Korea + Germany


Africa + Japan

Aqua Parios

Germany + Africa

Kiana Alexis

Greece + Ethiopia

Cleo Kinnaman

Germany + Dominican Republic

Kyd Nereida

Poland + England + Ireland + Japan

Christen Harper

Russia + Africa + Sweden

Ebony Anderberg