Teacher kissed student in class and begged for sex, and he turned her over to police

Alene Cooley 2 months ago

25-year-old Chelsea Hahn herself looks like a schoolgirl. Nevertheless, if you believe her information in social networks, she was not the first year she worked as a replacement teacher. She indicated that she graduated from the university with a master's degree in English. And at the school in Ewing, where the incident occurred, the girl taught English and taught a course in mythology from April 2017. And they even managed to raise their salaries.

And one of the students, apparently, lit a fire in her heart. Chelsea started by trying to attract a 17-year-old teenager with bare photos. But the result was not. As reported by the police, the girl then kissed the object of her passion in the classroom and begged the student to have sex with her. What the guy told the authorities.

Chelsea put forward charges on three counts of the article on seducing a minor and released until the next court session, which will be held July 3. At school, what happened was a shock. Director of the educational institution Edward Chmiel said that they are very disappointed by such an act.

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