Photographer from Iraq makes sad photos of his country more fun with clippings

Sheila Lester 2 months ago

Mokhallad Habib from Lebanon creates collages based on his drawings and photographs of his surroundings. The heroes of the works are mostly cute, familiar to all cartoons on an industrial background.

Habib is a pharmacist, but very fond of painting. According to him, he does not want to drive himself into any stylistic framework, but simply draws so that he himself was interested. With the help of cartoon characters and cartoons he wanted to make the sad landscapes of his city a little kinder and more fun. Pokemon and characters from "SpongeBob", Little Mermaid and Rapunzel interact with what is happening in the pictures and become their natural part.

A post with a selection of his works the guy shared on Facebook, where he collects huskies and receives comments from the first fans. Users celebrate the artist's creativity and desire further success in his curious endeavor. Other drawings of Mokhallad can also be viewed on the DeviantArt website, where the artist has a page.