Finnish photographer likes to shoot foxes, you will fall in love with them

Sheila Lester 2 months ago

In the life of the Finnish photographer Ossi Saarinen has a place for a huge love for wild foxes, he likes to take pictures of them.

Since last summer, Ossi began to get involved in photography of wild foxes. Early in the morning, when a man was walking around the countryside with his camera, he, fortunately, met the foxes. The cubs noticed his presence, but without any fear came with curiosity to check this man, wide-eyed. He calmly photographed them, watched them play with each other, and felt the appearance of a special connection with this animal. Since that unforgettable moment, the fox has become an endless inspirational theme for his photographs.

On the photos of Ossi, the foxes are depicted as mysterious and charming creatures. Photos make people feel that foxes live in beautiful fairy tales. While curious foxes make our heart melt, sleeping foxes behind bushes - cause relaxation, and a lonely fox walking at night, makes us delight. In these photos it seems that the foxes have more personality than we imagine. We hope you can enjoy the photos and fall in love with these beautiful predatory animals.

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