A mobile paradise island with a volcano on a yacht

Alene Cooley 2 months ago

Today, the presence of a yacht is no surprise, but having your own island is a much more significant sign of great heights in life. However, Yacht Island Design came up with something even cooler - superyacht and paradise island at the same time. The project was named "Tropical Island Paradise".

The length of the futuristic mobile island is 90 meters, and the maximum speed is 30 kilometers per hour. You can get to it by helicopter or boat. The amazing yacht is equipped with two decks, a bar, a spa, huts with thatched roofs and comfortable rooms, a lagoon pool, a beach and tropical vegetation. In other words, here you will find everything that is on the most beautiful tropical island.

But the most impressive feature of the island-yacht is a huge volcano, towering above the deck, from which a waterfall flows a river flowing into the pool.

Tags: Design | Island | Yacht