The photographer showed the beauty of animals with disabilities

Sheila Lester 3 months ago

The titled animal photographer Alex Cearns has done a remarkable and very important work on perfect imperfections. He created portraits of dogs that will find a special response in the heart of everyone, because these animals spiritually and purposefully overcome their physical limitations. The photographer skilfully shows their inner beauty and strength of mind.

"One of my biggest goals and hobbies as an animal photographer is to capture the delightful features that make each creation valuable and unique. I love every animal that I was lucky to take pictures of, but those who are called "others" occupy a special place in my heart. These are dogs that have lost a leg, were born without eyes or still wear scars, as a reminder of the previous violence, - says Cearns. - Most animals with these "ailments" do not fixate on them. They adapt to their bodies without complaining, and survive by determination. They constantly strive to be involved in everything that happens, as much as possible and in the same way as healthy pets do."

"The perseverance of animals in overcoming adversity does not cease to amaze me. They take maximum from life, and from them I learned how to always see the positive in all situations and never give up."


Photograph: Alex Cearns

Kelpie mix. Was crushed in the womb and born with glaucoma, cranial deformity and learning difficulties.


Photograph: Alex Cearns

Bali Pip.

Photograph: Alex Cearns

Bali street dog. Had the skin condition mange.


Photograph: Alex Cearns

Jack russell. Lost an eye to melanoma.


Photograph: Alex Cearns

Australian shepherd x border collie. Severed her spine in a freak accident and became paralysed in her rear legs.


Photograph: Alex Cearns

Japanese chin x pekinese. Lost an eye when attacked by another dog.


Photograph: Alex Cearns

Bull terrier x jack russell. Victim of cruelty with scars to head.


Photograph: Alex Cearns

Boxer mix. Born with malformed legs.

Reuben and Keisha.

Photograph: Alex Cearns

Kelpie x labrador and maltese cross. Reuben had a bulging disc which ruptured and punctured his spinal cord, leading to rear-leg paralysis. Keisha developed intervertebral disc disease which led to paralysis of her rear legs.

Polly’s puppies.

Photograph: Alex Cearns

Staffordshire terrier mix. They both had mange.


Photograph: Alex Cearns

French bulldog. Ruptured a lower disc in his spine, causing paralysis.


Photograph: Alex Cearns

Sharpei mix. Had mange, which later healed.

Lady Bug.

Photograph: Alex Cearns

Griffin bruxellois. Lost both eyes to glaucoma.

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