Sensual pictures of mothers with children from different corners of our planet

Sheila Lester 3 months ago

Photographer Pascal Mannaerts has been traveling around the world for 10 years, taking pictures of various corners of our planet. His works have been published in the largest editions of the world, for example, National Geographic, BBC, Geo, The Guardian, Lonely Planet.

During his travels, he collected a series of photographs showing the special relationship of mothers and their children. The selection turned out to be so sincere, lively and unusual!

Tinghir, Morocco (2003)

Indus Valley, India (2008)

Porto-Novo, Benin (2009)

Harar, Ethiopia (2011)

Sapa, Vietnam (2001)

Tashkent, Uzbekistan (2016)

Segou, Mali (2007)

Cusco, Peru (2005)

Sonargaon, Bangladesh (2014)

Jaisalmer, India (2010)

Kyoto, Japan (2015)

Shanghai, China (2010)

Havana, Cuba (2016)

Shigatse, Tibet (2010)

Yangon, Myanmar (2014)

Yuanyang, China (2007)

Barreirinhas, Brazil (2013)

Pascal Mannaerts: Website