Most wonderful photos of children and animals of the legendary John Drysdale

Sheila Lester 3 months ago

John Drysdale is an amazing photographer from Uganda who, instead of the royal family of Great Britain and other famous people, chose to shoot animals and children.

Growing up in an African country and graduating from the prestigious London College of Art, the photographer loved animals in the world, so he did not hesitate to choose a genre for his work. His pictures do not need comments, these are one of the most unusual, quivering and sincere works you've ever seen.

On all pairs, 1969 year.

My Greatest Friend, 1986.

A child feeding a lion cub in an unusual way.

Official acquaintance, 1981.

Eating an Ear, 1967.

Stop in beer garden, 1974.

On lake, 1984.

Descent down stairs, 1976.

Boy and Hippopotamus were very surprised by each other.

A charge of joyful mood from John Drysdale.

On a walk.

The young patient of the hospital and Henry on stilts from the circus of Bertram Mills.

Sidewalk art, London, 1956.

Trio at dusk, London, 1956.

Lantern Tarzan, 1955.

John Drysdale: Website