"The Valley of Poverty": the daily life of eastern Kentucky in the early 1960s

Sheila Lester 3 months ago

Photographer John Dominis took these pictures in the 1960s in eastern Kentucky, in the lonely Appalachian valley, which was forgotten by the rich America. If you do not know about the time of filming, you can assume that the footage was shot in the midst of the Great Depression that erupted in the States in the 1920s.

This series of photographs, entitled "The Valley of Poverty," appeared in the LIFE magazine in 1964, and was one of the first substantive reports ever published in the American publication on the nascent war of President Lyndon Johnson with poverty.

At that time, LIFE was the most influential weekly publication in the country, and undoubtedly the most widely read magazine in which the main photo essays of the world's leading photojournalists were regularly published. In this vein, LIFE was in a unique position in the early days of Johnson's reign. He could not only tell, but also show his readers what was on the map, and what problems were discussed when, on the initiative of the new president, a number of projects of the "Great Society", including the program to eradicate poverty, were promoted.