20 frightening and ridiculous mannequins that are busy a little wrong

Mike Bratton 3 months ago

Every day we meet so many of these strangers that they even stopped paying attention to them. But if you think about it, they are quite frightening, stand for days on end, as if frozen in time, and look at us with an indifferent glance.

Shop workers put them in the right poses, put on a lot of things and we are already so used to dummies that sometimes we can even take a man for a mannequin.

Immediately seen badly sit

Here the Japanese know a lot about mannequins

Surrogate mother

And who copies whom?

Masking level 88

Most realistic mannequin

She, too, is not enthusiastic about waking up in the morning

Just look at this guy

French style

Give a medal to the one who decorated this mannequin

I hate my job

August 31

Love me for who I am

I, dad and mannequin, happy family

Thought, poor thing

When finally put on the main display case

Tired of standing all day

The Sims 5: Reality

Happy every buyer

Last without comments

I would like to believe that at night the mannequins come to life and live some life, and in the morning they do not always manage to return to their seats. But, unfortunately, magic does not belong in our world, but there is a place for creative sellers. It would be more like these guys, and shopping trips would have been much more fun.

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