Beach life in Southern California 60's: old school skaters and founders of hardcore punk

Sheila Lester 4 months ago

These pictures of the late 1960s and early 1980s draw a wonderful picture of their time, place and style.

Spot (Glen Spot Lockett) was known as the legendary hardcore punk producer and sound engineer who worked with bands like The Misfits, Black Flag, Minutemen and many others. But, as can be seen from the photographs, all this time there was another facet of his creative talent.

In 1969, Spot seriously got carried away with photography. He was inspired by black and white images from the magazine LIFE, and when he got a Pentax, became inseparable with his camera, began to write articles on the music theme for the local newspaper Easy Reader, as well as take photographs. His old photographs were published in the book "Sounds of Two Eyes Opening". They embodied life, as it saw the author in Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach and other cities in Southern California. In these frames, girls in bikinis, roller-skating, guys on skateboards, surfers, punks, police, fans of musicians, shots from rehearsals and performances of the founders of hardcore punk. As Spot wrote in the introduction to the book, "either you were there, or you were not there." And he was not just "there" - on stage, behind the scenes, in the thick of events - but he kept both eyes wide open.

The photos are diverse in their subject matter, but all of them are marked in their own way by the expressive, living energy of youth.