A giant whale shark with a huge mouth swam under the boat with tourists

Sheila Lester 4 months ago

According to the photographer, this shark was very curious and sailed alongside the boat for about 50 minutes, which is a big rarity.

This largest fish on the planet spends most of its time hiding in great depth, far from people. However, from March to July, it can be seen from the Ningaloo reef in Coral Bay and Exmouth (Australia). On the shots that managed to take a photographer Tom Cannon, it can be seen that with her giant mouth she can easily swallow the yacht with people. The photos were taken at a distance of about 6 kilometers from the shore.

The whale shark is the largest of the existing fish species. Their length can reach 12 meters, and weight 20 tons. They are considered to be a vanishing species.

Photo: Tom Cannon

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