20 best photos of the year 2017, taken with the help of drones

Sheila Lester 6 months ago

The Dronestagram platform, dedicated to unmanned photography, has published the top 20 most beautiful, amazing and even stunning photos taken from drones and published on the community website during 2017.

A selection of 2017, selected from thousands of photographs published over the past 12 months, is incredible for several reasons. First, unmanned photography became an independent genre with its own principles and rules. Secondly, the professional level of photographers using drones has increased even more. Finally, the technologies of unmanned vehicles are constantly being improved, drones become more affordable and more convenient to use.

In 2017, the Chinese company DJI released a miniature quadrocopter for mass use - DJI Spark. This amazing device occupies no more space than a traditional DSLR, and thanks to its excellent equipment and maneuverability produces high quality photos and videos.

Humans and wildlife are at the center of attention

One of the main advantages that we appreciate in unmanned photography is the ability to rise above objects or landscapes and from a small height to capture something that can not be seen without the help of a drone. This year, less spectacular scenery, but more people and wildlife. This brings together the frames, included in the selection of the best photos from the drones for the past year. Almost all pictures contain people or wild animals.

Clicking on the title of the photo, you will go to the page with detailed information about the photo: the date of publication, the location on the map, the equipment used and the EXIF-data. Clicking on the author's name, go to his Dronestagram page.

We publish the 20 most beautiful photos made in 2017 with the help of drones. In them, the world opens up as we have not seen it yet.

Photo by: Calin Stan

Cave of Melissani, Kefalonia

Survey of the cave of Melissani on the Greek island of Kefalonia by boat.

Photo by: helios1412

Water lilies

A woman collects water lilies in a pond located in the Mekong delta in Vietnam.

Photo by: bachirm

Concrete jungle

A breathtaking view of Dubai's buildings.

Photo by Alexey Goncharov

Dawn on the tower "Mercury"

The work of professional washers on the tower "Mercury" in the business center "Moscow City".

Photo by: helios1412

Salt fields

The Baklieu salt fields in the Mekong Delta are divided into squares and rows.

Photo by: jcourtial

Portuguese Surfer

Portuguese surfer on a cold February day.

Photo by: JustenSoule

Rising Waters

In the Gulf of Alexandria between New York and Canada, when the water level rises and the colors of autumn come into law.

Photo by: seksan saowarod


Gardeners collect marigolds in the morning in the province of Sukhothai, Thailand.

Photo by: jcourtial

Stairway to Heaven

A long staircase leads to the beautiful beaches of the Algarve, Portugal.

Photo by: LukeMaximoBell

Quad bikes in the dunes

Crossing the huge sand dunes of Namibia, when the sun is rolling over the horizon.

Photo by: tominspires

Motorcycles on the bridge over the river in Thailand

Two scooters cross the bridge in the province of Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Photo by: Raf Willems

Highway 66

Couple in the classic blue Ford Mustang with a convertible on the historic track 66.

Photo by Florian Ledoux

Majestic beast Nanuk

A large polar bear Nanook crosses two parts of the sea glacier.

Photo by: marihenud

Girl on the beach, Rio de Janeiro

Stays at the beach in the morning and afternoon.

Photo by DroneFilmsProject

Swimming with a whale

Aerial view of an incredible experience.

Photo by ValentinValkov

Beach of tropical island, Dominican Republic

Beaches of the resort of Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.

Photo by: yannick68


Hippos in the Serengeti National Park.

Photo by MiloAllerton

Cracks in the swamp and boat

The family sails along Lake Burke, which looks like a withered marsh.

Photo by: smakadron

Sveti Stefan Hotel

A resort in Montenegro, located on the Adriatic coast.

Bonus: because it was extremely difficult to select the finalists, along with the top twenty, two more photos were published, impressed editors.

Photo by: Vaidas

The most famous waterfall in Iceland is Güdlfoss

Güdlfoss ("golden waterfall") is the most famous waterfall in Iceland with a double cascade.

Photo by: yannick68

Home. Sweet. Home.

Home. Sweet. Home.