A couple of sadists kept 10 children, as animals, arranging them torture

A couple of sadists kept 10 children, as animals, arranging them torture

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Many-child parents Ina Rogers and Jonathan Allen of California were accused of ill-treatment of children, after they were visited by police in their house. As it turned out, ten children from the age of four months to 11 years lived in inhuman conditions and were regularly tortured.

The authorities became interested in the family of Ina and Jonathan after their 12-year-old son suddenly disappeared on the way from the church. The police managed to find a boy who peacefully slept under a bush in a neighboring yard. The officers decided to carry the child home and were shocked, crossing the threshold.

The police reported that the whole house of the couple was covered with mud and faeces of animals. He was terribly pissed with urine, most of the furniture in the dwelling was broken, and books with toys were interspersed in corners. But much more than the guards of order horrified the state of children: their bodies were covered with bruises, wounds and traces of burns.

The officers immediately seized the children and handed them over to the guardianship service. Now they are safe. Jonathan Allen was arrested on charges of torture and ill-treatment of children. Now he is waiting for the trial behind bars. Ina Rogers is released on bail and is now trying to secure her husband’s release.

The woman claims that her husband is a fine person and has never bullied children. Dirt in the house, she explains the presence of domestic animals. Ina says that she and Jonathan have always dreamed of a big family, and hopes that the court will take their side.

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