38 powerful photos about life in the USSR in the 70-80’s

38 powerful photos about life in the USSR in the 70-80’s

In the direction of the late Russian photographer Vladimir Sokolayev, accusations of prejudice to the Soviet past and its denigration have repeatedly reached.

According to the author himself, there is nothing reprehensible in his works, just reality. If the artist himself creates reality, then the photographer only fixes what he sees, highlighting those or other facets of reality.

A photograph is a document: “Each event has some peak points – I shot them. At the same time, I tried to be as detached as possible: the more transparent I am on the set, the more profitable for me. “

The series of photographs presented below shows the routine and everyday life of the inhabitants of small Soviet towns and district centers of the period of socialism. We suggest to plunge into the past together with us.

Master of Social Photography 80’s was part of the famous creative association “Triva.” It is worth noting that this grouping did not last long and, according to one version, ceased to exist purely for political reasons.

Photographs of Sokolayev at one time succumbed to severe criticism: the Soviet authorities saw in them an enemy overtones. But the author never imposed his opinion, he simply showed the past, and the viewer himself made conclusions: “We are all the same. Some paradoxical, absurd things that we see at this exhibition, they are still in bulk “.

The truth to the question, or he would like the USSR to return, Vladimir replied that he did not want to step on the same rake.

“By this exhibition, I do not set myself the task of altering a person, but simply showing the world and the people whom he surrounded. That’s all – our history and my past, what I was in, what is behind everything that is happening now. One of the goals of this exhibition is to learn. If these pictures do not convince people that there is no need to return there, then for God’s sake, let them step on this rake. Some day they will still learn.”

In 1982, “Triva” even dared to apply for the most prestigious photojournalism contest – World Press Photo. Unfortunately, the officials blocked their oxygen: the pictures were immediately confiscated, and the photographers themselves were expelled from the cinema correspondence station of the Kuznetsk Metallurgical Combine.

The last photo of the social Vladimir Sokolayev made in 1988, but the work of the master is still verbose and relevant.

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